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Our Client Design Procedure

Customers’ needs have always been a high priority for Murray. He is dedicated to ensuring a good architecturally designed home that will suit the client, site and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. A good designer will also increase property values and decrease unnecessary construction costs. 

The Brief

The Brief will define your vision and aspirations for your new project and start to bring it to life. The brief will be flexible so as to allow new ideas to be introduced as the design progresses. Not only will you need to consider the physical aspects of your project, such as the number of rooms, the view and the passive energy from the sun, but also how you will use the house – do you entertain, what type of lifestyle you lead. We will also look at a budget. All of these points will be discussed during the brief.

Obtaining Information

During the various stages it is necessary to gather all the information required for designing your new home or renovation. This may involve obtaining a copy of the property file, certificate of title, LIM report, zoning information, and drainage plans from the local authority, plus engaging consultants, surveyors or engineers to asses your project as required. You may already have some of this information to offer.

Preliminary Plans

Once the required information has been obtained it is then possible to start the preliminary architectural design for your new home. The initial concept plans will take into account the ideas discussed in the brief and may introduce alternative options for you to consider. Typically the preliminary drawings will show the floor layout, all elevation views of the exterior of the house and how the house will sit on the site. Then we will discuss the preliminary design with you, thinking carefully about the design and how well it suits your needs.

Developed Design

Once you, the client, have had enough time to think about the preliminary design stage, we move onto the process of developing the design. We will start discussing any changes you may require and making the adjustments into this next set of drawings. A lot of fine tuning is performed here for your final approval before the working drawings commence. If resource consent is required it is usually a good idea to take care of it at this stage.

Working Drawings

These are the drawings and specifications that will be submitted to the local authority in the Bay of Plenty for building consent lodgement and these are plans the builder will use to build the house or complete renovations. The drawings will show all construction elements that are to be used and where they will be used. The extent of the working drawings will depend on the complexity of the project and may include engineering and other consultant advice, which may be required to provide additional information at this stage. It is very important to have a comprehensive set of working drawings. A well-drawn and detailed set of plans will solve any problems befor the project starts, reducing any variations later that may add additional cost to a contractor’s quote.

Please Note…

Restricted Building work must be completed by licensed building practitioners.

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“I do not limit myself by my past, but propel myself forward competently having the knowledge and capability for new and different future design projects”  – Murray Weatherly.
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