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Architectural Design BOP is a leader in residential, architecture and interior design projects in the Bay of Plenty area. Architectural designer Murray Weatherly works closely with clients to exceed their expectations, with over ten years of specialising in new homes and renovations.

Murray Weatherly Architectural Design for a New Executive Home - Gaskill

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Murray Weatherly Architectural Design - 3
Murray Weatherly Architectural Design - 3

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Murray Weatherly Architectural Design was founded by architectural designer Murray Weatherly in 2003. His ability to provide sound advice based on continuous up-skilling has led to many cost savings for our vast number of satisfied clients. Placing a significant emphasis on designing to meet client budgets, we provide quality new homes or outstanding renovations at very competitive rates. We specialize in designing renovations and alterations for existing houses as well as new homes of all sizes, from small Baches to Dream homes. For creative and practical design solutions at a reasonable price, contact Murray Weatherly Architectural Design today.

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“I do not limit myself by my past, but propel myself forward competently having the knowledge and capability for new and different future design projects”  – Murray Weatherly.
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